Mounting options for sinks and stovetops

Below you will see the different options available for the installation of sinks and stovetops. To the right you will see a picture of the most popular choice of dishwasher installation.
Håltagning stenskivaHåltagning stenskiva

Over-mounted sink and stovetop

The sink / stovetops's edge is located above the countertop surface. This option is most common when it comes to the installation of stovetops. This option is not recommended due to the edge of the sink making it more difficult to keep the countertop clean.


The sink is mounted under the stone top so that the entire stone's thickness / cross section becomes visible. This is both a beautiful and practical option for mounting your sink as it is easy to keep the counterop clean. This option along with under-upmounted sink is the most common choice.


The sink is mounted halfway up in the stone top using a grated track. In practical terms, this assembly has the same practical features as undermounted sinks. Many of our customers select this option due to aesthetic reasons as it creates a lighter and elegant feel with an under-upmounted sink.

sink and stovetop

This option fits both sinks and stovetops, but is most commonly used for cooking stovetops. The stovetop is completely level with the countertop. When installing the stovetop, silicone is applied between the stone top and the stove top to prevent dirt from getting caught in the small gap between the stone top and the stove top.