Edge Profiles

Edge profile options

Here we show our most popular edge profiles, choose your own favorite that suits your kitchen best.

Different edge profiles that create different expressions for your countertop, from simple, clean, and straight lines to more classic and soft shapes.

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Straight edge

​​​​​​​Straight edge profile on top and bottom. This is the most preferred option that creates a stylish edge profile.

Straight-round edge

Lightly rounded upper edge and a straight line at the bottom. The round upper-edge profile creates a softer feeling. This is our second most popular option.


Lightly rounded on the top and bottom. This gives a softer and round feel to the edge profile.

Half-round edge

A larger round on top with a straight bottom.

Whole-round edge

A larger round on both the upper and lower edges, for someone who wants a very round and soft edge profile.


A slightly rounded upper edge with a slope inward on the edge profile of the top, which makes the top lighter and thinner.


A classic edge profile that gives a very exclusive and solid feel to the stone top.

Classic whole-round

While this profile is also a classic, it provides a simpler expression thanks to less profiling.