House of Designs quotes/proposals are valid for 30 days. The initial quote is a preliminary offer. After verification on site, the quote is revised according to the actual measurements.

Order Confirmation

After the measurement at the customer site has been carried out, a production drawing is presented. The drawing must be approved by the customer. The approval is made by email.

Showroom and Samples

In our showroom there are product samples showing the product's properties, color and appearance of the stone surface after processing. Because natural stones can vary in color and patterns, there may be differences in color, pattern and texture between the samples and your countertop. The same goes for the samples we send home to our customers. In Carrara marble there may be small air bubbles, they look like bright dots or small holes in the stone surface. Small dots and holes that can not be polished can also be found in the granite, where the lighting affects its visibility.

Drawings and measurement

It is very good if the customer can send us a kitchen drawing or simple sketch for us to provide a quote. After the approved preliminary quote, we will schedule a check-in time. Normally we have the opportunity to come and measure at your site within 2-5 days. When we come to measure, the kitchen must be well-anchored and no changes may take place after the measurement. This applies to adjustments in height and width etc. If the kitchen was not ready for measurement when we arrive, we have to charge a fee.

Exactness in treatment technology

The following minor deviations are allowed and accepted in the treatment of countertops.
A 90 degree corner +/- 2%
Bending +/- 2%
Thikness +/- 3 mm 
Cutout for faucet +/- 3 mm length and width
Centerline for sink (CC) +/- 3 mm
Cutout for sink +/- 2 mm
Cutout for stovetop +/- 0-3mm.
NOTE! Manufacturers of stovetops recommend silicon-filled joints between the stove and the stone bench. These deviations apply in case the furniture frames are properly mounted and the walls / floors are straight. Deviations may be greater if walls are not straight or furniture frames are substandardly mounted.

Payment Terms

Payment terms for individuals are 5 days net after completion of installation.

Transport and delivery times

An approximate delivery time is provided when ordering. The normal delivery time is within 10-15 business days. Delivery times may be affected by our suppliers and subcontractors. It is only considered a delay if we are responsible for said delay. If the customer is unable to receive the delivery it is not considered a delay. If late delivery affects other contractors' booked appointments, House of Design is not required to compensate. If the delivery is delayed for more than 4 weeks, the customer is entitled to compensation of 10% of the order value. The rules for compensation do not apply if we have announced a longer delivery time at the time of purchase. For example, if the choice of a material is not in stock.


Our assembly service includes the installation of countertops and sinks. Plumbing installations or electrical installations are not included. Removing old countertops is usually not included.

Complaints and Warranty

For our warranty to be valid, the following items must be met:The measurement, transport and assembly of countertops must have been carried out by our staff. The countertops must have been used by the customer for the purpose they are intended for. Mechanical, chemical, and thermal damage to the stone caused by neglect is not covered by the warranty.

The countertops have been properly managed; the stone has been cleaned and polished periodically in the manner indicated and recommended for the specific stone type.

Upon delivery, the customer must check if the delivered product and product quality are in accordance with the description in the order. It is important that the customer informs us regarding any product defects, quality defects or incorrect measurements immediately after detecting such errors.

In case of manufacturing errors, House of Design will be responsible for repair costs or replacement of the product.

Force Majeure

In case of unforeseen extraordinary events such as fire, flood, power failure, train delay, other means of transport, import bans, natural disasters, war, downtime in tools / machinery, etc., which are not foreseen, these Terms of Delivery do not apply.